Dementia Care

We are proud to offer specialist Dementia Care at Amberley Care Home; providing a safe, caring, and welcoming setting for those living with memory loss. Our home is designed to provide a secure, caring and friendly environment for those with Dementia and their loved ones.

Our staff are fully trained to understand Dementia and we take pride in providing the highest levels of care and respect for every individual. Through daily planned activities, mental stimulation and social interaction our team focuses on the resident’s particular needs.

What does Dementia Care mean?

At Amberley Care Home we understand that no two people are the same; some individuals may only require minor support, while others rely on around-the-clock care. Our person centered approach to care is designed to develop a sense of individuality and encourage each and every one of our residents’ to continue exercising their strengths and skill sets. We actively support residents to develop their skills to encourage independence for as long as possible.

Dementia Care can often only focus on the illness and accompanying loss of function rather than the person themselves. Our experience has shown us that those living with dementia respond far better when their care promotes their independence and in turn allows them to live each day with dignity and respect. 

Our Dementia Care teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing personal and social care, as well as offering support that provides comfort and positive engagement for people with dementia.

Our Approach to Dementia Care

Our extensive understanding and experiences means our team of professionals can provide unrivalled care to our Dementia residents and those with memory loss. There is not just one solution when it comes to supporting those living with Dementia, which is why at Amberley Care Home our Dementia Care Plans are unique to each resident’s requirements, as well as the desires and views of their friends and family. 

Our compassionate team of specialists are trained in how to communicate effectively to help residents living with dementia express their needs and wishes. At Amberley Care Home we offer a range of facilities to help our residents live independently, in an environment that is comfortable and stimulating for them.

Dementia Care at Amberley Care Home

We understand the responsibility and pressure involved when selecting a residential care home, for everyone involved. Our specialist Dementia Care team here at Amberley Care Home undertakes on-going training in dementia research and approaches, so you can be assured and confident that your loved one is receiving the highest quality care possible. 

It is imperative that Dementia Care residents are exposed to stimulating activities, support during mealtimes and assistance with personal care. We also recognise that people living with dementia may see the world differently than we do. As a result, we place a great deal of attention to the details and design of the care home, from bedrooms to communal areas and every space in-between. From the colour of the walls to materials through to lighting, We’ve thoroughly considered the environment and how it affects our residents living with dementia.

Our professional team considers all aspects of life here at Amberley Care Home, from medical care to creating comfortable surroundings for all Dementia Care residents; residents can strive to live a fulfilled life where Dementia is carefully controlled.

Is Dementia Care the right choice?

​​Amberley Care Home builds relationships with all residents receiving Dementia Care, in order to understand an accurate picture of their life. By doing so, it allows our dedicated team to ensure ongoing safety, comfort and wellbeing of those living with us.

Dementia poses unique and ever changing challenges for not only those living with the condition but for loved ones and carers also. Managing those situations can be both stressful and emotionally challenging for all involved. We offer support to our existing and future residents, and their loved ones, to determine the best course of action for current and on-going medical care.

We operate an open-visiting-hours policy here at Amberley Care Home, meaning resident’s families are welcome at all times.

Included in our Dementia Care

Each and every resident will have access to a variety of medical services which come as standard within the living fee at Amberley Care Home, including but not limited to:

GP Access

Residents are able to arrange routine and ad-hoc GP appointments, and are able to visit independently. Should mobility assistance be required, residents will be accompanied by a team member for the entirety of the visit.


All of our residents are entitled to any physical assistance they require, including physiotherapy sessions. Physiotherapy treatments can be scheduled through a GP (or privately, if preferred) and is the perfect service to help to get our residents back to feeling like the best physical version of themselves.

Professional Chiropody

Our assigned Chiropodist visits Amberley Care Home every six weeks. Our dedicated professional is on hand to care for any continuous or new foot problems.

Should more frequent visits be desired, residents are able to make appointments with their own NHS Chiropodist.

Dental Services

Residents will have full access to a dentist at no additional expense. Routine appointments are included within the overall fee.

Eye Care

As standard, all residents will be seen by an optician regarding any eyesight concerns or worries. Residents and loved ones can be reassured there are no additional fees for this service and are provided as part of everyday life here at Amberley Care Home.

At Amberley, You Matter

We place residents and their health and wellbeing above all else, no matter the challenges they or we as a care home may be facing. It is our aim to create long-lasting connections with all residents and their loved ones, ensuring every individual feels valued. 

We have built an impressive suite of medical facilities here at Amberley Care Home, allowing us to provide the very best physical care and support to all of our residents.

How To Get In Touch 

If you would like to get in touch to discuss our Dementia Care further, or have any other queries regarding life at Amberley Care home, you can contact our team on 0161 825 8222 or via email at

Should you wish for one of our friendly team members to get in touch with you, please complete our online Enquiry Form and someone will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.