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Dementia Care

Amberley Care Home is proud to be a dementia care home in Trafford that provides a safe, caring, and welcoming setting for those living with memory loss. Our home is designed to support those living with dementia and their loved ones.

Our staff is fully trained to understand dementia and we take pride in providing the highest levels of care and respect for every individual. Through daily planned activities, mental stimulation, and social interaction we focus on each resident and their particular needs.

What does Dementia Care mean?

When it comes to dementia, there are varying different levels and types of the condition. As a result, the type of dementia care a person receives is dependent on the individual’s symptoms, and there are a number of different dementia care services such as live-in home care, care homes, and nursing homes.

Those experiencing early to mid stages of dementia may find it difficult to navigate themselves in and out of the home, remember important dates and appointments, and look after themselves with personal care. As a progressive condition, symptoms of dementia are likely to worsen, and when an individual gets to a stage where they cannot continue with their normal daily routine, it might be a sign that it is time to seek full-time care.

Care homes provide a variety of different care services and care packages, and whilst some might be designed to provide specialist dementia care, others may provide a range of different care services such as residential dementia care, nursing care, respite care, and palliative care. Dependent on the need of the individual, care providers such as care homes and nursing homes can offer a supportive environment where specialist staff is available around-the-clock to provide care, physical and emotional support, and social and lifestyle benefits.

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Dementia Care at Amberley Care Home

Whether it’s for dementia care or one of our many other care services, we fully understand the responsibility and pressure involved when selecting a residential care home, for everyone involved. Our specialist dementia care team here undertakes ongoing training in dementia research and approaches, so you can be assured and confident that your loved one is receiving the highest quality care possible. 

We believe it is imperative that residents living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are exposed to stimulating activities, support during mealtimes, and assistance with personal care. We also recognise that people diagnosed with dementia may see the world differently than we do and feel better with familiar surroundings. As a result, we place a great deal of attention to the details and design of our home, from our bedrooms, which we invite those living with us to personalise as they wish, to communal areas and every space in-between. From the colour of the walls to materials through to lighting, we’ve thoroughly considered the environment and how it affects our residents living with dementia.

Our professional team considers all aspects of life here at Amberley Care Home, from personal care and medical support to creating comfortable surroundings for all.

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What You’ll Find at Amberley

We have thoughtfully designed our care home to include a variety of facilities and services that provide our residents with the comfort, convenience, and support they deserve.

Tailored Care Plans

Nurse Call Systems

Profiling Beds

GP Access

Optician Access

Dentist Access

Chiropodist Access

Physiotherapy Access

Dementia Care FAQs

Before a resident moves in with us at Amberley Care Home, we provide a consultation with them and their loved ones to ensure we can meet their individual needs. We work with our residents and their loved ones to understand their routines, interests, and preferences which we then incorporate into their care plans. We adopt a person-centred approach to care and want to help residents maintain their independence and dignity whilst making sure they know we are here to support them at all times.

Our dementia care team undergoes regular training to ensure they have a broad range of understanding relevant to the many stages of the dementia journey. From supporting residents with activities and therapies to helping them with communication and personal care, our teams have the experience and knowledge to provide effective care to our residents with dementia. 


At Amberley Care Home, we provide a wellbeing programme for all which includes both group and 1:1 activities and therapies. For example, we regularly hold arts & crafts sessions, music therapy, reminiscence activities, and more. Activities and therapies are designed to help stimulate the physical, cognitive, and social wellbeing of our residents, including those with dementia.

Life at Amberley Care Home

We are proud to offer many different types of care and facilities that allow us to comprehensively provide support for a variety of care needs. It is important to us that we make every effort to ensure our care home provides a warm, safe, and welcoming environment that goes above and beyond expectations. We ensure residents get involved as much as possible in life at our care home, from participation in our varied activities programme to visits to our local community.

How We Care for Our Residents

We are proud of the range of care services we provide here at our local care home in Sale, Greater Manchester, including Nursing Care, Residential Care, Dementia Care, Respite Care, and Palliative Care.

We believe that every resident should be given the opportunity to receive high-quality care as well as continue hobbies, pursue interests, explore the local area, and meet new people. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing person-centred care around-the-clock, giving our residents the confidence to live their lives knowing we’re here to talk to and offer our help and advice whenever they need us.

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