About Amberley Care Home

Amberley Care Home is located in Sale, Greater Manchester, in a residential neighbourhood. Nursing, Dementia, Residential, and Respite Care are among the services we proudly provide. We take pride in giving as much assistance as is necessary to ensure that each of our residents live a rich, fulfilling, and meaningful life. It’s essential that residents keep their passions and interests, and that they make the most of each day by doing what they enjoy. Visitors are welcome at any time, and we have an open-door policy for family and loved ones.

Our Values at Amberley

At Amberley Care Home, we cherish the time we get to spend with each and every one of our residents, and love learning all about the extraordinary lives they lead. That is why it is our responsibility at Amberley to ensure that all of our residents receive the care, love, and attention they deserve from our teams, no matter what.

To ensure that each and every one of our residents receive the appropriate degree of care for their situation, our teams work incredibly closely with our residents, and guarantee that they get the around-the-clock care they deserve. We’re here to provide a helping hand anytime you might need it, whether you need a friendly face to talk to, or just a little additional reassurance.

Amberley Care Home has been developed with our residents in mind. In all of our residences, we strive to create a friendly environment in which visitors feel like they are truly a member of the Amberley family. We take great satisfaction in giving the greatest quality care to our residents, and providing expert guidance and assistance to their family is a vital step towards being the most efficient carers we can be.

Since the day we first opened our doors, we’ve recognised and appreciated the value of working together as a team to make someone’s day better. We’ve always placed a significant focus on developing relationships between staff, residents, and their families, which has allowed us to have a much deeper understanding of our residents than we could have ever initially thought of.

This has also allowed us to create tailored care plans and solutions for each of our residents, which has been important to our long-term success. We take great satisfaction in creating a home where our residents have complete access to a variety of amenities that are certain to make their days more enjoyable and improve their lives tenfold.

Our principles at Amberley highlight the assets that each resident contributes and brings to the table, and we recognise each person’s uniqueness and array of skills. Our beliefs emphasise independence, decency, and providing excellent, individually tailored care to all of our residents. We are committed to ensuring that our residents are pursuing the lifestyles they want to and bring them the most joy, as well as assisting their relatives and friends in any way in which we can.

Respect and Individuality

We appreciate how difficult it is to make the decision to enter a care facility, whether you’re looking for yourself or on behalf of somebody who you love. However, no matter your situation or what you’re considering, we don’t see why our residents’ sense of independence should suddenly vanish. We want to make sure you can continue to do the activities you enjoy in the same way you have in the past. One of Amberley’s key ideals is that everyone deserves a comfortable and dignified life.

Customised Care Assessments

Every single one of our Amberley residents is unique, so why should their healthcare be any different? We are extremely proud of the care we provide to each of our residents, as well as the customised care plans we create to guarantee they receive the best possible care. It is always a great honour for us to get to know all of our residents on a one-on-one basis, and it allows us to provide unrivalled around-the-clock care to each and every one of them.

Meet the Team

  • Home Manager

    Matthew Bell

    Matthew is an experienced home manager having managed homes for nearly 20 years. He has a degree in management studies as well as leadership in dementia care awards and was recently awarded a ‘ excellence in community engagement ‘ award.

    He is passionate about person centred quality care for the elderly and is committed to Amberley care home and wants to achieve the best possible rating for the home and ensure the residents enjoy every aspect of the home and its staff.

  • Deputy Manager

    Lisa Marie

    Lisa has been a Registered General Nurse since 2012 and has gained a wealth of experience across a variety of client groups. Lisa Marie joined the Amberley team in 2021 as Deputy Manager and loves her role at the home. She is passionate about providing holistic care for our residents and works closely with the team to ensure that the residents are given the best care possible and an excellent quality of life at Amberley Care Home.

  • Unit Manager

    Emma Johnson

    Emma brings a wealth of experience with her having worked in the care sector for 20 years in both residential and dementia settings. Emma manages the residential unit at the home and takes great pride in ensuring that all of the residents receive the first best in care in a warm and homely setting.

  • Catering Manager

    Sarah Russell

    Sarah has a passion for food and making people happy with it. She has worked within the care sector for around 8 years and worked her way up to Head Chef at the age of the age of 23.
    Sarah took a short break from the care sector after having her son but she missed the environment so much that she returned to it. Amberley feels like an extra family to her, something that she’s never really felt in any other working environment.
    Sarah is passionate about delivering a fine dining meal experience to our residents and believes they deserve the best of quality presented to them and strives to ensure that they receive a first class catering service at all times which meets all of their dietary needs and expectations.

  • Activities Coordinator

    Graeme Metcalfe

    Graeme brings great enthusiasm, creativity and experience to his role as Activities Coordinator at the home. Graeme and the team always ensure that there are plenty of activities available for the residents to choose to join in with – whether it’s a 1:1 or group activity. From arts and crafts, music, gardening, exercise, holistic the list of activities is endless.

  • Office Manager

    Tara Meadows

    Tara has worked in the care sector for over 18 years starting out doing home care work before making the transition into the office as an Administrator in 2004.
    Having worked for various care home companies, gaining qualifications in Business Administration Level 2 and 3 and Level 5 in Health & Social Care, Tara joined the Amberley Care Home as Office Manager in 2020.
    Tara has a great passion for the role she does, working to a high standard and taking pride in the services we provide to the residents that reside with us.

  • Head Housekeeper

    Angela Millward

    Angela has been working as a Head Housekeeper throughout Care Homes for the last 10 years, starting as a Domestic Assistant and progressed to Head of Department within a year. Angela has gained a multitude of experience in the sector and has a very good understanding of what is required to lead and manage her team of dedicated and professional staff to provide all of our residents with a luxurious, clean, safe and homely environment and ensuring they’re time at Amberley Care Home is as welcoming and comfortable as being in their own home.

  • Maintenance Manager

    Steve Berry

    Steve has worked in various trades including plumbing, decorating and general building work. He moved into the health care sector over 15 years ago, initially working as Maintenance Assistant in a local hospital mental health department before working his way up to a senior role.
    In April 2017 he moved into the Care Home sector as a Maintenance Manager where he fully utilised all the skills he acquired throughout his career. Steven is passionate about ensuring Amberley Care Home is maintained to the highest standards and quality.

How We Care For Our Residents

Since Amberley first opened its doors, our professionals have been dedicated to supporting our residents through everything life throws at them. We take great pride in creating homes where our residents have complete access to a variety of individualised care alternatives and can be certain that our teams are aware of each resident’s distinctive skills and abilities. We want nothing more than to recognise them and celebrate alongside them, and help them achieve anything they might want to.