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Nursing Care

Our highly qualified team is excellent at identifying when nursing care is the right option for you or your loved ones. They have the knowledge and experience to quickly recognise any changes in the health of residents, as well as knowing when it’s necessary to contact a doctor. 

Our dedicated nursing team provides 24-hour nursing care for our residents with physical disabilities and high-dependency needs, as well as end of life care.

What does Nursing Care mean? 

Nursing Care is most appropriate for individuals with physical disabilities, those who need intensive rehabilitative care and for people who have long-term health issues. This type of care offers 24-hour assistance in supporting medical needs as well as personal living needs.

Residents not only have access to all support with personal needs but also to qualified, in-house nursing staff day or night, making Amberley Care Home the ideal place for individuals with a medical condition that requires regular attention.

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Amberley Care Homes’ Approach to Nursing Care

Amberley Care Home offers around-the-clock nursing care plans, devised uniquely for each resident which is delivered by our highly trained nursing team. Ensuring our team is equipped with the latest industry insights and technology enables us to provide a higher complex care that fosters independence for as long as possible and maintains the dignity of all residents.

Our approach to nursing care is about more than simply meeting the medical needs of our residents. Here at Amberley Care Home we strive to go above and beyond to provide full comprehensive care; looking after the overall wellbeing of every single resident to ensure that their health, hearts, and minds are equally cared for.

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What can I expect from Nursing Care at Amberley Care Home?

Our compassionate team is available day and night to give as much or as little support as our residents require. All residents are valued and respected for their uniqueness and we look to provide comfortable medical care that allows for an enjoyable and active social life. Our person-centered approach allows us to create care plans that are personalised to individual needs and ensures that the best care for them is delivered each and every day. 

Our staff are fully committed and go above and beyond to ensure residents are receiving the best possible care for them. From helping with morning routines, to providing support at mealtimes and everything in-between, we’re always on hand to assist.

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Is Nursing Care the Best Option?

If you or a loved one has a medical condition that requires 24-hour care that cannot be provided at home, then a nursing home may be the ideal place to receive expert care. Our friendly and welcoming team is available to discuss all options, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

How We Care For You

Our care services help to reduce the pressures of everyday tasks that come with age. More often than not, simply alleviating these problems enables residents to flourish – making new friends and exploring new interests. Combined with expert medical care, our passion for ensuring quality of living a fulfilled life means loved ones can be safe in the knowledge that all residents receive the highest level of care.

Included in our Nursing Care

Additional facilities and activities are also included within the price of your stay at Amberley Care Home. Each and every resident will have access to a variety of medical services, including:

GP Access

Whether visiting independently or with the assistance of a team member, residents will be able to arrange and go to GP appointments, for both routine check ups or ad-hoc needs.


Physiotherapy treatments can be scheduled through a GP or privately and is the perfect service to help to get our residents back to feeling like their usual selves.


Our own private Chiropodist visits us at Amberley Care Home every six weeks. Residents can also make arrangements with their own NHS Chiropodist if more frequent appointments are required.

Dental Service

Residents who seek dental treatment will have full access to a dentist at no additional expense.

Optical Service

As part of the living expenses, all residents can be seen by an optician regarding any eyesight concerns or worries.

At Amberley, You Matter

Within the boundaries of the historic county of Cheshire, Amberley Care Home sits in the beautiful and accessible town of Sale. Set within a thriving city, Sale offers the best of both worlds as beautiful greenery and the River Mersey are a stone’s throw away.

Amberley Care Home is built on the philosophy that each resident should have a fulfilled life by enjoying a lifestyle they deserve, enabled by our caring and supportive environment. Our home has been described as having “kind compassionate staff” and that “every effort is made to entertain residents and support their families. Extremely warm and supportive carers who always go that extra mile.” (Rebecca, 5* Google Review.)

Everyone at Amberley Care Home will go the extra mile to ensure life with us is exactly what it should be.

How To Get In Touch

If you have any queries or questions and would like to get in touch with one of our friendly team members please call us on 0161 825 8222 or send an email to Alternatively, you can fill out our online Enquiry Form and someone will be in touch. We look forward to speaking with you.