Full Activities Programme

One of our many passions at Amberley is ensuring that our residents get the most out of each and every day. We encourage our residents to continue to do what makes them happy, whether it’s exploring Amberley’s gardens and grounds, socialising with friends and family, or stretching their legs and exploring Sale’s new, fascinating, and ever-developing town centre.

Our Activity Coordinators have a blast planning a variety of fun activities for our residents to participate in. Although we have a minibus to transport our residents from one excursion to the next, Amberley is in such a terrific position that if a family member wished to join in the fun, there are several nearby public transportation choices for our residents and their visitors to really use to their advantage.

No Two Days Are The Same

There is never a dull moment when you stay with us, whether you want to focus on staying active or you want to spend your days truly channelling your inner creativity. We think that no two days should be the same, and we want nothing more than to make every day new and exciting for our residents.

Our resident’s independence and ability to take charge in any situation life throws at them is incredibly important to us. Because of this, not all of our activities are overseen by one of our supervisors. Having a member of our team on hand for events such as day trips and special excursions is, of course, a good idea.  At Amberley, on the other hand, we encourage our residents to take ownership of their lives and do what makes them happy.

Outdoor Game

Superb Facilities Are Essential

Making sure that our plethora of activities and facilities are accessible for each and every one of our residents is something that we here at Amberley do very well; in fact, we pride ourself on building facilities that are diverse, inclusive, and unique so that our residents truly feel as if they’re getting the very best out of life. Whether they’re seasoned professionals in their chosen hobbies, or well and truly beginners, there’s something for absolutely everybody here at Amberley.

Picnic Area Outside

Find Your Home With Us at Amberley

Relocating to Amberley doesn’t mean that the way our residents choose to live their lives needs to drastically change. Their lifestyles should be able to remain as regular as they’ve ever been, and our residents should be able to continue to take part in the things they love no matter what. 

Our activities are entirely optional, so if our residents would prefer not to participate for a day or two, that is quite alright with us. Our activities and programmes are supposed to be enjoyed, and there are no consequences if a resident decides to try something that turns out to be just not their cup of tea.

Plated Up Meal
Wine and Cheese Board

Activities Programme FAQs

If you have any concerns about our activity programmes or how we operate here at Amberley, then worry no more; you’ve come to the right place.  We understand that while looking for a place to live, whether that’s for yourself or a loved one, you want to know everything there is to know before taking the plunge. We’d be more than pleased to answer any questions you might have about our services, facilities, or anything else you can think of. So, ask away.

Pet therapy takes place regularly at Amberley Care Home, meaning that you’ll never miss the opportunity to have some incredible cuddles with your fluffy four legged friends.

Of course, in fact the local community surrounding Amberley Care Home are some of the most enthusiastic folks you’ll ever meet. We have plenty of connections with the local community, with visits from local schools and nurseries happening very regularly.

Entertainers often come and visit our residents at Amberley Care Home, and they love performing to their adoring crowd time and time again. Whether our residents prefer to see their acts in-house, or they would prefer to travel to the local theatre to catch a show, the options are always open.

Because we don’t believe that a change of address translates directly into a change of heart, we host a plethora of events and activities for our residents. By the time they formally move into our house, our residents have already been through an awful lot. All we really want to do is relieve as much stress as possible for them while they stay with us, and we do everything in our power to do so.

We will have made a huge step forward if we can provide even a minute of steadiness in the midst of our residents’ hectic lifestyles. We provide so many events and activities because we would never want any of our wonderful people living at Amberley to feel overlooked.


At Amberley, You Matter

We truly feel connected to every single one of our residents, and we feel like that is a crucial aspect that sets us apart from an awful lot of care facilities. It is essential that everyone who works at Amberley takes the time to learn and understand our residents, and what exactly it is that makes them tick. We want all of our residents to know how important they are to us, and how Amberley can help to ensure they feel truly at home.

How We Care For Our Residents

Amberley Care Home are proud to say that we know we have a brilliant group of experts who are completely dedicated to giving the highest quality possible care and treatment to our patients. Our staff are totally dedicated to supporting our residents in all aspects of their lives, from participating in exciting new activities with them to just assisting them with their day-to-day lifestyles. Our highly trained specialists provide exceptional care, ensuring that you or a loved one is getting the very best that life has to offer.

How To Get In Touch

Getting in touch with us at Amberley Care Home has never been easier. If you have any questions, please fill out our Enquiry Form, phone 0161 825 8222, or email At Amberley, one of our cheerful staff members will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.