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If you’re feeling particularly creative during your stay with us, then we here at Amberley Care Home are proud to say that we offer exclusive art and crafts sessions for our residents and their guests. We actually offer a variety of creative events here at Amberley, all of which you can see in our Full Activities Programme

Participating in artistic pursuits is recognised to be both calming and a great way to meet new people. Because of the numerous physical and emotional benefits of arts and crafts, we provide a varied selection of developing crafting programs and encourage our residents to be creative.

Harness Your Inner Artist

Our residents get the opportunity to express themselves creatively, as well as laugh and converse with their neighbours and friends, during our arts and crafts sessions. We’ve discovered that, in addition to the social benefits of our sessions, our residents’ physical and mental well-being improves, and they feel a great sense of accomplishment when they finish their latest masterpiece.

Even those who aren’t as artistically inclined as the rest of the residents at Amberley have a fantastic time and learn something new because many of our events include an educational or learning benefit. Typically, our sessions will have a theme and goal in mind, such as crafting flower arrangements or greeting cards. We also make certain that our crafting activities are suitable for individuals of all ages, so you can involve your children and grandchildren in the fun.


Creativity Waits For No One

When it comes to our arts & crafts programmes at Amberley Care Home, we try to draw inspiration from our residents and surroundings. We enjoy making the most of what we have available to us, whether it’s doing craft classes in the living rooms or painting on the lawn on a Sunday. Our residents will always have access to the resources they need to participate in the activities, but we may frequently uncover natural resources in the garden and other things about the house that can be used in our creations.

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What You’ll Find at Amberley

We have thoughtfully designed our care home to include a variety of facilities and services that provide our residents with the comfort, convenience, and support they deserve.

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Arts and Crafts FAQs

You have the option to take your masterpieces back to your room with you and display them proudly if you would like, however, if a member of staff spots your piece of work and thinks it belongs somewhere everyone can see it, they might ask if they can display it in a communal area.

Our arts and crafts sessions are welcome for absolutely everyone to take part in. Although primarily these sessions are held for our residents, their loved ones are more than welcome to participate. After all; the more the merrier.

All of the necessary art supplies will be provided for you by the lovely teams here at Amberley, however if you’d like to get even more creative, you’re more than welcome to bring in any extra art supplies you’d like to use that you think we might not have.

At our regular arts and craft events, there’s lots of things you can create. You’re more than welcome to create anything you’d like to, however previously our teams have held scrapbooking events and sewing sessions for our residents.

How We Care for Our Residents

We are proud of the range of care services we provide here at our local care home in Sale, Greater Manchester, including Nursing Care, Residential Care, Dementia Care, Respite Care, and Palliative Care.

We believe that every resident should be given the opportunity to receive high-quality care as well as continue hobbies, pursue interests, explore the local area, and meet new people. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing person-centred care around-the-clock, giving our residents the confidence to live their lives knowing we’re here to talk to and offer our help and advice whenever they need us.

Life at Amberley Care Home

We are proud to offer many different types of care and facilities that allow us to comprehensively provide support for a variety of care needs. It is important to us that we make every effort to ensure our care home provides a warm, safe, and welcoming environment that goes above and beyond expectations. We ensure residents get involved as much as possible in life at our care home, from participation in our varied activities programme to visits to our local community.

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