Fine Dining

Here at Amberley Care Home we understand the importance of living a fulfilled life and the role an enjoyable dining experience plays. Our resident chefs take great pride in serving home cooked meals where variety and particular favourite dishes are always on offer. Meals can be served privately in residents rooms or enjoyed socially in one of our dining areas; residents preferences and best interests will always remain at the heart of every aspect of care we deliver.

With age, the food we put into our bodies has a considerably greater impact on our health, and we appreciate that having a nutritious meal time has a substantial impact on our overall health and well-being. Combined with a relaxing environment where the shared dining space overlooks our beautiful landscaped garden, relatives and friends can be assured residents are enjoying a delightful dining experience every day.

Mealtimes Made For You

Mealtimes are extremely important to us at Amberley Care Home as they provide us with the perfect time to gather with our residents, and gives them the opportunity to establish strong connections with their loved ones and fellow residents. 

We understand the social benefits of group eating and encourage all of our residents to eat together as much as possible. However, we also offer room service for those who prefer to eat in the tranquility of their own rooms. If residents require special assistance, a member of our staff will happily sit with them and help them eat at their own pace; we are more than happy to assist our residents in any way we can.

We welcome resident’s friends, family, or loved ones to join us for dinner, and can do so by sitting with us in our shared dining spaces, or enjoying a mealtime privately either in their own room or in one of our dedicated dining rooms. Mealtimes can be one of those most enjoyed parts of the family day, and we want to ensure residents can continue to find pleasure in that experience when living with us here at Amberley Care Home.

What You’ll Find at Amberley Care Home

Residents of Amberley Care Home are welcome to participate in any of our activity sessions, and are encouraged to take advantage of the programme and facilities we have on offer. Our amenities and entertainment programmes are as diverse and as accessible as possible, giving residents the opportunity to continue enjoying activities they have been doing for a long time, or discover a new favourite hobby.

Dining with Dementia

Attention to detail is key in providing peaceful and enjoyable eating experiences for our dementia residents; ensuring meals are served in a clutter-free atmosphere and that all of our resident’s frustrations and tensions that are linked with dementia are relieved. The use of specialised tableware is designed to assist our residents with fine motor skills, enabling dementia residents to be able to continue eating and enjoying their meals as independently as possible.

Focussing on our residents with dementia is critical, and making sure to pay extra close attention to their eating experiences can make all the difference.

Dining Amenities at Amberley Care Home

Our dining facilities are something we are extremely proud of at Amberley Care Home, with an exceptional in-house cook and a wide choice of delectable cuisines for our residents to choose from, every mealtime is an unforgettable moment.

Private Dining Options

At Amberley Care Home, we believe in celebrating the small things just as much as the big, which is why our private dining areas are perfect for those special times when you want to enjoy quality time with your nearest and dearest. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a monthly Sunday roast dinner, we have the facilities to allow residents and loved ones to create unforgettable moments together.

Menus for Every Season

Our menus are updated on a regular basis to ensure that our residents and their loved ones are served meals incorporated with seasonal, high-quality ingredients, and using only the freshest products. Our talented chefs go above and beyond to guarantee all of our residents receive well-balanced and appetising meals that fit in well with their daily schedules and meet their nutritional needs.

Choice of Dining Areas

Residents are free to have their meals anywhere they would like to; from our shared dining spaces, to a private room, or even in their own rooms. We work hard to ensure mealtimes are as comfortable as possible, whatever the setting. Our residents can enjoy a glass of wine (or whatever they fancy) with their supper, knowing that each area has been tastefully decorated and that we do all we can to make their dining experiences delightful.

Dining FAQs

Potential residents and their loved ones often have questions all about what life is exactly like living with us, with a particular focus on dining at Amberley Care Home. This is completely understandable, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our facility and the services we provide. Most commonly asked questions and answers regarding eating and drinking can be found here. Should you have a question that is not listed here, please get in touch with our friendly team using the contact details below.

No. You won’t have to worry about any additional costs; your payment plan will cover all of your meals. 

Our dedicated chef and cookery staff are on-site, working hard to provide the highest quality meals each and every day. All of our kitchen team receive ongoing training in order to serve nutritious and appetising meals to our residents. They also work closely with our guests and residents and pay great attention to their preferences in order to prepare delicious meals that everyone thoroughly enjoys.

Yes. All residents have the opportunity to take their meals and eat them wherever they like and are encouraged to enjoy mealtimes where they feel most comfortable. They can eat practically anywhere at Amberley Care Home, including dining rooms, personal bedrooms, lounges, and, if the weather permits, outside in our beautifully landscaped garden.

In addition to our main mealtimes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our lounges serve beverages and snacks throughout the day. 

Those who want to dine in the privacy of their own rooms can order room service when choosing what they want to eat for the day. If you contact our catering team ahead of time, we can also arrange to serve special celebratory meals.

Yes, you will have complete control over what you eat at each meal, when you make your selection from our extensive and varied menu. You can choose from the menus provided, or you can chat with our catering staff to see what else they may be able to offer. Our chef and cookery team welcomes any special dietary requirements or menu changes that you may have.

At Amberley, You Matter

We prioritise our residents and their wellbeing above all else; our wide selection of facilities and care options here at Amberley Care Home allows us to provide the very best possible care and support to each and every one of our residents. No matter the challenges they might be facing, we strive to foster deep connections with our residents and their loved ones, so despite everything they may be going through, there is always a safe space here at Amberley.

How We Care For Our Residents

Based on years of experience, we are delighted to be able to provide high-quality medical care and support to our residents, as well as a beautiful and comfortable setting where residents can really feel at home. We have a commitment, to both our residents and their nearest and dearest, to knowing exactly what makes each resident unique and special, and understanding their personal traits to ensure top level care is received every day.

How to Get in Touch

If there is anything you would like to discuss with one of our friendly team members, please do not hesitate to reach us on 0161 825 8222 or send an email to If you prefer, you can fill out our Enquiry Form and someone will get in touch. We really look forward to speaking with you soon.