At Amberley, You Matter

Ensuring that all of our residents can continue doing little things they love, or the things that make everyday life seem a little more routine, is one of the very best parts of what we do. We are totally committed to spending quality time with our residents, and helping them take part in a wide range of activities during their stay with us at Amberley Care Home. 

Whether they dream of becoming the next Picasso with our arts and craft facilities, or they fancy themselves a Mary Berry in the kitchen, we have the facilities to accommodate our residents in any way they see fit. Even if our residents want to put their feet up at the beauty salon, or they’d rather relax in front of the big screen to watch their very favourite movies with their friends and family; there’s a spot for everyone at Amberley. 

Beautiful En-suite Bedrooms

Beautifully designed en-suite bedrooms are available at our facility, fitted with equipment that ensures our residents are always in the best possible care. With around-the-clock care systems already installed, we really can offer the ultimate customised, high-quality care experience. At Amberley, we have room for up to 72 residents, and the rooms, like the rest of our house, are always stylish yet welcoming.

With temperature-controlled heating and cooling systems, you can rest assured that Amberley is only fitted with the most up-to-date cutting-edge technology, so that our residents can live life as comfortably as possible. When it comes to planning your future, or the future of a loved one, we really do understand how difficult it can be. Which is why we’re so happy to have the opportunity to help our residents and their loved ones however we can.

Fine Dining

Our Amberley residents have access to a number of private dining options that are ideal for enjoying a meal and special moments with their family and friends, no matter what the occasion. We encourage all residents to spend meaningful time with their loved ones, whether it’s for a birthday or just a Sunday get-together.

Private Secure Gardens

Within our facility at Amberley, we have several private secure garden areas, all of which provide a perfect setting for reconnecting with nature and finding a moment’s peace. Whether you enjoy the outdoors by reading a good book, taking a stroll or just pottering about with some gardening, our gardens will provide you with a breath of fresh air and the opportunity to interact with nature.

Hair and Beauty Salon

Our salon is equipped with comfy chairs as well as a nail bar. All of our residents have access to our hairdresser, who may provide cuts, colours, shampoo, and sets in the privacy of their own homes. We recognise that lots of our lovely residents will want to continue looking like their very best selves, and keeping just as healthy as they’ve always been, and we always want to encourage them every step of the way.

Cinema Room

Movies are shown on a regular basis, along with special feature events, in our dedicated cinema room. Our specialised cinema room has comfortable chairs, blackout blinds, and a projection screen for all our residents to enjoy. Private use is also available if our residents or their loved ones choose to book in advance.

Arts and Crafts

Pen, pencil, paint, crayon or chalk; whatever your medium, at Amberley Care Home we really value getting creative and (more importantly!) getting well and truly stuck in. Whether our residents are Monet’s in the making, or they’re truly an abstract artist, we want to encourage each and everyone of our residents to let their creative juices flow. We provide lots of materials for our residents to create their masterpieces with, so they don’t have to worry about a thing.


Our physical and mental health benefit greatly from spending time outside. You can make the most of every day no matter what, whether you want to help out with gardening or you’d rather play on our 9-hole putting green. We believe that remaining active and making the most of life has plenty of significant advantages, which is why our committed and enthusiastic Activities Team is constantly devising lots of new ways to keep our residents engaged.

Full Activities Programme

Amberley was founded on the strong belief in the fact that everyone deserves to have a happy and full life, no matter what. Our diverse activities programme contributes significantly to this, and our Activities Team frequently organises a variety of social activities, such as tours of the local area or shopping trips to the markets and stalls closer to the town centre. We also have connections with the local community, with visits from local schools and nurseries and pet therapy taking place regularly.

At Amberley, You Matter

At Amberley, there’s never a dull moment. Since we offer a variety of exciting activities for our residents to have a go at, we strive to make sure that no two days are ever the same. Our staff work around the clock to give high-quality care to all of our residents, so you can rest assured that your loved ones will be looked after at all times.

Mini Bus and Mercedes

We have a minibus and a Mercedes car available for residents to use, whether for a personal appointment or a day out, we can accommodate all needs. We primarily use our minibus for group outings that have been planned by our Activity Coordinators, however.

Free Resident WiFi

Residents can use mobile devices or our iPad to stay in touch with family and friends because our home has free WIFI. Whatever device our residents use to access the internet, you can be confident that our service is lightning fast.


From the classics to the newer literary works, if you’re an avid reader, we can guarantee you’ll find your place among the shelves here at Amberley Care Home’s library. To really escape the real world, at least for a couple of hours, feel free to snuggle up and settle in with a good book.

Piano Cafe Bar

Whether they like a glass of wine or something more substantial, the choice is theirs once all safety and allergen measures are taken into account. Our piano is open for residents and their loved ones to use, however it’s also often used by visiting professional entertainers.

24/7 Contact

Each bedroom has a telephone point that may be triggered at the resident’s request, ensuring constant reachability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The WiFi at Amberley is also of a very high-quality, meaning friends and family can easily be called.

Postal services

On a regular basis, our residents receive letters and packages, and our Administrator is delighted to help people who are unable to send mail themselves. We also receive newspapers every day, and magazines can be supplied weekly.

How We Care For Our Residents

Our residents are among the bravest and most resilient people we’ve ever met. They always get back up and continue to live their lives to the fullest, no matter what life throws at them. No one should have to face life’s challenges alone, which is why Amberley Care Home is committed to assisting our residents through it all, regardless of the challenges they face.

How To Get In Touch

Please do not hesitate to phone us at 0161 825 8222 or send an email to if there is anything vital you would like to discuss with one of our friendly team members. If you prefer, you can always fill out our Enquiry Form and someone will contact you.