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Amberley Care Home in Sale provides care and support in a number of different ways and takes pride in making residents feel right at home, whether they are staying on a short-term basis, or receiving continuous care.

Respite care at Amberley provides people with a great opportunity to trial life in a care home; from support with day-to-day living to experiencing the facilities and lifestyle we provide. This is a great way for people to determine whether a move into a care home is right for them.

For those who need somewhere to rest and recuperate following an illness or injury, or for family and friends who need a break from caring without having to worry about their loved one, there’s no better place for respite than Amberley. Whatever your reasons for staying with us here at Amberley, and for however long you plan on calling us home, we want to provide you with an experience you’ll never want to forget. A minimum length of stay of 3 weeks applies for our respite care. 

What Does it Mean to Receive Respite Care?

Respite care is designed to provide care and accommodation on a short-term basis, making it ideal for those who might want to try life at care home to see whether it’s the right path for them.

It is also designed for those who may have taken a fall or recently injured themself, or are recovering from an illness. It may be used as a transition from hospital to home and is a short-term solution to help people get back on their feet. It can also support caregivers when they need some well-earned time to themselves. 

Whether you stay with us for a few weeks or months,  Amberley Care Home will provide the highest-quality respite care to each and every one of our residents until they feel more like themselves once again. While staying with us, we encourage our guests to get to know the other residents and try out as many new activities as they can. No matter the length of your stay, you’ll be part of the Amberley family.

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Dedicated Respite Support at Amberley

Our respite care package provides the perfect opportunity for those to experience whether life in a care home is for them.

Our respite also provides invaluable support for people requiring short-term care, whether for a few weeks or longer. This can be incredibly useful during holidays, or perhaps to assist with recovery from an operation or illness, both for the carer and visiting resident.

Respite care can be worked around your life and current care plan, with care provided to each specific need. At Amberley Care Home, we’re so dedicated to ensuring that each and every one of our residents and their guests are receiving the very best care they can, and getting the care they need and deserve.

One of Our Bedrooms

What You’ll Find at Amberley

We have thoughtfully designed our care home to include a variety of facilities and services that provide our residents with the comfort, convenience, and support they deserve.

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Dentist Access

Chiropodist Access

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Respite Care FAQs

Respite care at Amberley is available to individuals who want to trial life in a care home, or who require assistance with activities of daily living and who have a caregiver who needs a break from their caregiving responsibilities. If you believe your loved one needs full-time care, respite care can be used to trial our home for 3 weeks or longer to see if it’s right as a long-term solution.

During a person’s stay, the individual will receive assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and meal preparation. Nursing care may also be provided, depending on the individual’s medical needs. We also offer an activities programme that helps to promote mental and emotional wellbeing.

The length of stay for respite care at Amberley will vary depending on the needs of the individual and the availability of respite care beds. We can offer respite care from 3 weeks, up to a few months and the length of stay for each resident will be determined following an individual care assessment.

Life at Amberley Care Home

We are proud to offer many different types of care and facilities that allow us to comprehensively provide support for a variety of care needs. It is important to us that we make every effort to ensure our care home provides a warm, safe, and welcoming environment that goes above and beyond expectations. We ensure residents get involved as much as possible in life at our care home, from participation in our varied activities programme to visits to our local community.

How We Care for Our Residents

We are proud of the range of care services we provide here at our local care home in Sale, Greater Manchester, including Nursing Care, Residential Care, Dementia Care, Respite Care, and Palliative Care.

We believe that every resident should be given the opportunity to receive high-quality care as well as continue hobbies, pursue interests, explore the local area, and meet new people. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing person-centred care around-the-clock, giving our residents the confidence to live their lives knowing we’re here to talk to and offer our help and advice whenever they need us.

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