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Care Home in Cheshire

Amberley is a purpose-built care home set in the historic town of Sale, which is in the county of Cheshire. Our private, luxury care home in the metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester offers unrivalled levels of Nursing Care, Residential Care, Dementia Care and Respite Care for up to 72 residents as well as a range of exceptional facilities.

Facilities at Our Care Home in Cheshire 

We strive to provide residents with a home in which they can continue to live their lives however they wish, all whilst receiving as little or as much care and support as they require. Moving from your own home into a nursing home can be a difficult decision to make. At Amberley Care Home, our teams go to great lengths to offer all of our residents plenty of opportunities to carry on with much-loved hobbies, pursue new interests and lead an active and social life. In order to do this, our teams work closely with residents and their loved ones to build relationships and learn all about what they like to do with their time so that it can be incorporated into life at Amberley. 

Our Cheshire care home has been designed to meet both the care and lifestyle needs of our residents. In addition to offering our around-the-clock personal care services, we also have a variety of on-site facilities which are part of our residents’ all-inclusive package. Residents benefit from having landscaped gardens, a Hair & Beauty Salon, a Cinema Room, and much more, quite literally on their doorstep. Whether it’s the care we offer or our meals in our lounges and en-suite bedrooms, at Amberley we pride ourselves on offering high quality in everything we do.

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Dining Room

Things to do in Cheshire 

Due to our ideal location in the heart of Cheshire, there is an abundance of things to do in the surrounding areas of our home. As a result, we can offer residents a variety of day trips and excursions, and with the use of our home minibus and Mercedes for outings, nowhere is too difficult for us to get to. Close to our residential care home are a number of neighbourhoods such as Timperley and Altrincham, which offer an array of nearby amenities like shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and public spaces. Residents can also make use of our Mercedes for their personal errands. 

There are also ample opportunities for residents to get some fresh air and admire nature, such as at Tatton Park and Tegg’s Nose Country Park. There are also plenty of attractions within the home’s proximity which make for a great day out with a loved one. Chester offers both a Cathedral and Zoo, which are ideal places to take a picnic on a sunny day. For those who enjoy a spot of shopping, Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet and Warrington Market both offer vastly different but interesting shopping experiences. No matter what age or interests, there is something in Cheshire for everyone. 

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altrincham market building

Our Care Home Services 

At Amberley, we are proud to offer Residential Care and Nursing Care as well as Dementia and Respite Care. We specialise in providing not only personal care but also medical care for older people and for those with physical disabilities and sensory impairments. 

We understand the difficulty in deciding whether moving from your own home into a care home is right for you and your loved one. With all prospective residents, we offer a care needs assessment and consultation, where we can offer our guidance and ensure we can meet your every need. That personalised care approach continues throughout your whole journey with us from the moment you move in until you receive end of life care, and all residents receive a customised and specialist care plan. These plans are monitored regularly and we involve both the residents and their families in any changes we feel that are needed. 


Nursing Care

Our care home in Cheshire offers Nursing Care which includes both medical and personal support for those who require a higher level of around-the-clock assistance. Whether it’s day or night, we have Nurses and Carers available at all times so those receiving Nursing Care can rest assured that we are there for them whenever they need us.

Our Nursing Care is delivered by a team of committed and highly qualified professionals in a safe and comfortable environment that is fully equipped, including profiling beds, hoists, and Nurse Call Systems. 

One of Our Bedrooms

Residential Care

Residential Care is the best option for those who may experience difficulty in carrying out daily tasks, maintaining personal care or requiring medical help every now and then. Residential Care also has great social benefits for those who are seeking companionship or would rather not live alone. 

Amberley Care Home ensures residents can continue living their lives comfortably with the level of assistance that is right for them, and with a range of facilities and services at their fingertips.

Residents Enjoying a Pamper Session
Hands on top of one another comforting

Dementia Care

Our Nursing Home also provides care to those living with dementia, a progressive neurological condition that affects people’s cognitive abilities. At Amberley, we understand that every resident is different in their own way, and levels of dementia vary. With our bespoke dementia care plans, residents can ensure they are getting the exact care that is right for them. 

We work hard to not only provide outstanding dementia care but to also support our resident’s overall well being. We create a programme of dementia-friendly activities that encourages the independence and sociability of everybody who resides with us. We also ensure that our home contains familiar surroundings, making it easier for those with dementia to communicate and move around.

Picture book
Nurse writing up a care plan on laptop

Respite Care

Our short term Respite Care is the perfect alternative for caregivers who need some time to themselves, or for those who require rehabilitation or recovery after an injury or illness. We understand the concerns that can be induced by these situations, which is why we are proud to offer this service to help relieve the stresses. 

A minimum length of stay of 3 weeks applies for our respite care, however, no matter how long your stay with us we welcome those who require respite to make full use of the support and facilities provided by our home.

We adopt a continuum of care meaning if your care needs develop whilst staying with us, you and your loved ones can rest assured that we can offer you the correct care option and properly cater to your needs.

Living Area
Someone Eating Dinner

Palliative Care

Our palliative care services are provided to those who have a terminal illness or who are in the final weeks, months, and years of their life. Such illnesses can vary from natural deterioration to more complex terminal conditions. Our main priority for those receiving palliative care is their comfort, we want to reduce their symptoms, ensure their dignity is maintained and offer them whatever they need during this time.

As well as our residents, the loved ones of those receiving palliative care are also provided support, allowing them to spend time with each other and giving them any advice they may need.

Hands on top of one another comforting
Nurse helping to identify what care is needed

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