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Dementia Care in Sale

Amberley Care Home is an all-inclusive, private care facility in Sale that specialises in offering Dementia Care, as well as Nursing, Respite, and Residential Care. Our home in the metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester provides en-suite accommodation for up to 72 residents and offers luxury care and facilities to older people and those with specific health conditions.

What does Dementia Care mean? 

Dementia is a condition that has varying levels and types, all of which affect the cognitive functions of the person living with it, such as their ability to think, remember and communicate. To provide Dementia Care is to provide support and assistance to those living with the progressive condition. There are different ways and settings in which someone can receive Dementia Care, including in a Residential or Nursing Home

Where and how Dementia Care is provided varies depending on the person living with the condition, as symptoms and severeness differ in each case. Knowing the signs of dementia is the first step in being able to identify what support is required for yourself or a loved one. Forgetting dates, and struggling in social situations or with daily tasks may be an early indication and assessments can be carried out to help determine what support is needed.

As a progressive condition, symptoms can worsen at differing rates. At a more advanced level, those with dementia may lose awareness of their surroundings and experiences, and require help with mobility or communication, amongst other things. A care home provides a supportive environment where those living with dementia can receive specialised and professional care 24/7 by a team of Nurses.  

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How we Support our Residents with Dementia 

At our dementia care home in Sale, we have a team of professionals who are available around-the-clock to provide support at any time our residents need them, whether that be day or night. Our Dementia Care team are qualified to a high standard and continue to receive ongoing training in dementia research and methods, so residents and their loved one can rest assured they are receiving the best possible care.

Our team has the equipment and knowledge to fully support our residents with dementia, identifying what therapies are needed and when changes in medical plans are required. With all our specialist and elderly care services, we invite prospective residents and their family members to come in for a consultation where we offer guidance and answer questions that will help determine whether this is the right decision for them.

We understand that every person we welcome into our home is unique in their needs, preferences, and interests. Every resident is given a bespoke care plan and an en-suite bedroom that they are encouraged to personalise as they see fit, ensuring it is homely and familiar to them. We also have a fantastic activities team who curates dementia-friendly programmes full of stimulating and engaging opportunities, both socially and 1:1.

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